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Please visit us often as we add information and develop a great resource for Dover families and teachers. Feedback is welcome and appreciated. 

The Dover Family School Alliance is a newly-formed, collaborative group intended to support special education students & educators within the Dover School District. The DFSA’s mission is to provide a source for Dover parents to have access to relevant information, training and emotional support in meeting their children’s special needs. We also aim to encourage an atmosphere of effective communication, understanding, and mutual respect among students, parents, educators and the Dover community-at-large.

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Dr. Neely Provides Smart Ways we can Make Sure Kids Keep Their Energy Tank Full!

On November 20th, DFSA hosted a training on how educators can more fully include students with Autism, ADHD and other disorders into their classrooms. Dr. Erin Neely, a Greenland-based psychologist, hosted the training session and did a wonderful job sharing with the group what challenges such children are facing. Dr. Neely’s goal is to deepen educators’ understanding of some of the complexities of these disorders, how they may influence behavior and some of the best practices for working with children in the classroom.

Using the analogy of a student’s ability to learn based on when their “gas tank” is full, 1/2 full or empty, Dr. Neely noted that when children are feeling “empty,” they are unable to learn and more likely to meltdown. Instead, educators’ awareness for how to interact and teach students differently depending on their “tank’s level” will help avoid meltdown behavior and create a calmer, more capable student. Additionally, Dr. Neely noted the importance of shifting language from consequence-based to pep-talk, allowing processing time and how adults can best narrate thought processes and cue aloud what you may do in a social situation.

“I thought the presentation was informative and shared wonderful ideas to use with students in classrooms,” noted one DMS teacher in attendance. “It was very much worth my time!” Dr. Neely’s presentation can be found here: Presentation

Intrigued? For further information, the following web sites were recommended: 


DFSA Event: Presentation by Dr. Erin Neely Nov 20th 2014

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How to Leverage Regulation and See Your Students with Autism, ADHD, and Sensory Challenges Shine. 
An Educator Training Presented by Dr. Erin Neely

Thursday, November 20th, 3:30-5pm
Dover Middle School, Renaissance Room, 16 Dailey Road, Dover NH

Dr. Erin Neely, a Greenland-based child psychologist, will lead a training on how educators can most effectively work with a range of students facing challenges in the classroom environment.  This training will review some of their complexities and offer evidence-based practices that  educators can employ to ensure all children within the classroom function at their best.
This event is free and CEUs will be provided for attendance. 

RSVP to alyson.genovese@gmail.com
Dr. Erin Neely is a Greenland based child psychologist specializing in treating children from pre-school through their early teens. Dr. Neely works with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder, Social Communication Disorder, Sensory Processing Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, ADHD & Executive Skill Challenges, Selective Mutism, and Attachment Disruption.

New Londonderry NESCA, PC Office

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NESCA (Neuropsychology & Education Services for Children & Adolescents) recently opened an office in Londonderry, NH.

75 Gilcreast Road, Suite 305
Londonderry, NH 03053

Tel. 603-818-8526
Fax: 603-965-4330


Initially, Pediatric Neuropsychologist Angela Currie, Ph.D. will be offering evaluations and consultation in our new space, supported as necessary by other clinicians and staff from our Newton, MA center. Our intention is to add permanent staff in Londonderry as needs and interests develop. For now, the scheduling of appointments there will be handled by our Newton administrative staff, who can be reached by calling 617-658-9800.

You can learn more about NESCA by visiting our website.


NESCA is a client and family-centered, private pediatric neuropsychology group practice with offices in Newton, Massachusetts and now, Londonderry, New Hampshire. We were established in 2007 by Dr. Ann Helmus, along with a core group of seasoned clinicians. NESCA serves children and their families from throughout the United States and from many other nations.

We assess children and adolescents confronted by developmental, learning or emotional challenges. Employing a range of specialized diagnostic and projective tests, we evaluate:

·         Reading problems and academic issues
·         Language-based, nonverbal and other learning disabilities
·         Autism spectrum disorders
·         Executive functioning deficits
·         Emotional issues including anxiety
·         ADHD

NESCA is well known and widely acknowledged as one of the finest private pediatric neuropsychology practices in New England.

Collectively, our senior staff has decades of experience at the highest levels. Working together with a shared commitment to best practice and a willingness to go well beyond the expected in time and effort, they deliver accurate and insightful assessments of even the most complex cases. Their evaluations generate timely, exceptionally clear and useful written reports, which embody a rich understanding of each child. They have the training, experience, clinical judgment and professional standing to perform thorough and accurate diagnostic evaluations, make persuasive, useful recommendations and monitor their effective implementation.

We also offer expert assistance with educational planning and school selection, transition assessment, planning and support for young adults moving into post-secondary education and beyond, into the workplace, and an array of accommodations for international clients.

October 2014 – Upcoming Events

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Our October 2014 Newsletter – http://bit.ly/1v8GeCz

Upcoming events!

Envisioning Your Child’s Future

October 15th at 5:30pm Community Partners (113 Crosby Road Dover)
Please join Community Partners and the Parent Information Center for a fun, hands-on activity, workshop where participants are encouraged to think about and prepare for their child’s  future.  Participants have the opportunity to share ideas, resources and strategize with each other. This event is free but RSVP is required. RSVP to Betsy at bcarroll@communitypartnersnh.org

Executive Skills: What Are They, Why Do Kids Need Them, and How Can We Help Them Get Them?
A Conversation with Dr. Peg Dawson
November 10th – 7pm 28 School Street, Hampstead, NH
Youngsters with poor executive skills are disorganized or forgetful, have trouble getting started on tasks, get distracted easily, lose papers or assignments, forget to bring home the materials to complete homework or forget to hand homework in. They may rush through work or dawdle, they make careless mistakes that they fail to catch. They don’t know where to begin on long-term assignments, and they put the assignment off until the last minute, in part because they have trouble judging the magnitude of the task and how long it will take to complete it. Their workspaces are disorganized, and teachers may refer to their desks, backpacks, and notebooks as “black holes.” Dr. Peg Dawson, the co-author of the book Smart but Scattered, will talk about three strategies parents can use to help children acquire the critical skills they need to be successful students, including how to structure the environment to reduce the impact of weak executive skills, how to teach executive skills, and how to use incentives to get kids to practice these skills. This event is free. Please RSVP to info@hampsteadsepg.org.

Working Together to Increase Postsecondary Transition Success by Engaging Students and Families in the Planning Process
November 18th 8:30am-3pm Grappone Conference Center in Concord
The 8th annual Transistion Summit is he state’s only conference for training, collaboration, networking, and information. This year’s conference will focus on the importance of active student and family participation in all aspects of transition planning. Register by visiting https://www.events.unh.edu/RegistrationForm.pm?event_id=16925. Cost is $85.

DFSA Event!
Teacher Training: Including Students with ASD More Effectively in the Classroom
Presented by Dr. Erin Neely
November 20th 3:30-5pm Location: TBD
Dr. Erin Neely, a Greenland based child psychologist who specializes in treating children on the autism spectrum, will present a teacher-only training on integration of students with ASD more fully in the classroom experience. Dr. Neely will give an overview of evidence-based practices that will support students with ASD function at their best in the classroom. The strategies presented will also be applicable to children facing a wide range of challenges including ADHD, anxiety and sensory issues. Dr. Neely’s presentation will help educators understand some of the complexities of autism, how they may influence behavior and some of the best practices for working with children in the classroom. This event is free and CEUs will be provided for attendance. RSVP to info@doverfamilyschoolalliance.org.

Educators and Community Members, Please Join Us!

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World Café Style Discussion on Special Education in Dover

The McConnell Center (Room 305) 61 Locust Street, Dover NH Thursday, October 9, 2014 • 6:00-8:00PM

Dover Family School Alliance and NH Connections invite you to join a World Café style discussion to share your ideas on improving special education supports for children and families, accessing needed resources, and addressing unmet needs in the Dover school district.

The DFSA is now entering its third year and we want to hear from you! What type of events would you like to see? What concerns do you have? How can we better build community between and among parents and school personnel?

Childcare and light refreshments will be offered, but please RSVP to info@doverfamilyschoolalliance.org or 603-834-5585.

Why attend?

  • Connect with other parents and school staff.
  • Share ideas that will inform planning, policies and practices in special education for Dover.
  • Get to know your school staff better.

We hope you can join us!